Rob Hyndman Talks About Mesh

This week saw the second Mesh conference–billed as “Canada’s web conference”–come to fruition. The two days were jam-packed full of fantastic speakers, but the real highlight was the conversations taking place between attendees in the hallways. Fortunately lots of time was given between each session to give people space for people to connect, share and–yes–mesh.

Rob Hyndman Interview by Loren Feldman

Mesh was envisioned by five prominent guys involved in various aspects of the Canadian new media industry just over a year ago, and the first one took place last May. Congratulations to lawyer Rob Hyndman, who will ever more be known as “one of the founders of Mesh”, and the rest of the guys on a great conference. Rob did this great video interview with Loren Feldman for 1938 Media which explains a little more about what Mesh is all about. Feldman did a number of other videos during the conference which you might also want to explore.

I had quite a few great moments of insight during the conference, but one particular highlight was meeting Kate Trgovac from Vancouver and attending Kate’s workshop on building electronic communities. You may remember I mentioned Kate’s work on Squidoo recently.

This year I ran into more lawyers and librarians than last year, which makes me think people are starting to wake up to the relevance of Web 2.0, social networking software, and new media.

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