Do Not Call Registry Arriving for Indian Mobile Users

I came across this article on the BBC site a couple of weeks ago (but am blogging about it now because my head is only now above water). I found the story interesting on a few points, including both the size and the rapidity of growth of the mobile market in India, as well as the volume of unsolicited calls/texts to those subscribers:

India has the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world, with more than 170 million subscribers.

Every month around seven million new subscribers are added to the list.

The telecom regulator estimates that about 10 billion unsolicited calls are made annually.

Is this a consequence of the famed Indian call centres? It appears the use of mobiles by now easily exceeds the use of landlines there, so I am curious about whether “do not call” regulation extends to landline subscribers in India. Apparently this will all be in place in three months, which makes me also curious about what has happened to the expected national do not call registry in Canada. Do we not still have to register our requests individually with telemarketers? (If I’ve missed a regulation, someone please let me know!)

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