SLA Annual Conference Legal Division Materials

A few weeks ago I mentioned that some of the SLA Legal Division 2007 presentations were available on its web site. A few more are up, and I think some are worth highlighting. I found the presentations from the emerging technologies breakfast interesting, particularly Nathan Rosen’s presentation, which highlights and links to many legal wikis which either I wasn’t aware of or are on sites I hadn’t used in a long time. Thomas Fleming’s Legal Research for the Google Generation contains some points that may be useful for those of us designing training for incoming students. A good reference for researchers encountering but not overly familiar with U.S. federal research is Unraveling the Mysteries of the U.S. Code. And for fun and games, those of us on the lookout for must-haves (or must-avoids) should take a look at 60 Gadgets in 60 Minutes – Overwhelmed with Gadgets.