powerset.gifPowerset is — or will be in September — among other things a natural language search engine. Relying on Xerox Parc’s natural language technology, over $12 million in financing and a staff of more than 40, Powerset hopes to beat the odds that have downed just about every single challenger to Google after the intitial flurry of interest — “the dead cat bounce.” (Parc has reproduced a NY Times piece on Powerset on its site.)

Powerset also plans to rely on community involvement to both train the engine and develop a sustained buzz.

ZDNet has a long piece on the startup. And there’s an erudite, readable Powerset blog if you want to follow developments.

You can also apply for an invitation to become an early Powerset tester.

I’m probably wrong, but this one feels like it might go a mile or two.

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