Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics

Around the house, my wife and I have lots of computer cables, old printers and screens lying around, in other words, “e-waste”. Do we throw it away, keep it, find some charity to recycle it? And if we replace some of it, how do we know which manufacturer to trust?

The international environmental NGO Greenpeace recently released its 4th Guide to Greener Electronics:

“The electronics ranking guide has been our answer to getting the electronics industry to face up to the problem of e-waste. We want manufacturers to take responsibility for the unprotected child labourers who scavenge the mountains of cast-off gadgets created by our gizmo-loving ways”.

“We’ve been happily surprised at how quickly many corporations have risen to the competitive challenge. It’s especially rewarding to see more than a few CEOs openly vying for the top green spot, and challenging their competitors to adopt industry-wide policies to reduce the problem of e-waste”.

Nokia comes out on top as the greenest, followed by Dell and Chinese manufacturer Lenovo.

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