On the Identity Trail

identity_trail.jpgA brief exchange with Ian Kerr of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa led me to a project he’s involved with there, On the Identity Trail. It’s a research project funded in part by the SSHRC and involving an impressive list of collaborators and partners aimed at “understanding the importance and impact of anonymity and authentication in a networked society.”

There’s an impressive list of published research you should visit, if you’re interested in privacy and ID, e.g. “Identity Theft: A Conceptual Analysis,” [PDF] by Steven Davis; “To Oberve and Protect? How Digital Rights Management Systems Threaten Privacy and What Policy Makers Should Do About It,” [PDF] by Ian Kerr; “Names, Nyms, Addresses and Reputations: The Experience of Anonymity in the Wired World,” [doc] by Jacquelyn Burkell and Peter West. For those who want to ease their way into these issues, there’s a blog — blog*on*nymity — that looks like it keeps up to date. One to add to the list of blawgs, I think.

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