A Role for Older Lawyers?

An interesting story from the Montreal Gazette this morning about the coaching mentoring role Paul Jolin is playing at Heenan Blaikie.

I think every firm has its retired senior lawyers that make it out to firm events once a year, or lawyers that aren’t retired but are winding down billable production and looking to contribute in other ways. As firms deal with the boomer retirement issue, the challenge it seems will be to leverage those key individuals and their knowledge.

The role of mentor or coach is one direction. I also think that a strategic business development role would be wise – someone to make networking inroads into key marketing targets. Maybe even a group of retired lawyers working as an advisory council to the firm’s Managing Partner. Always depending on the individuals in question of course.

In recent years, many firms have learned to lever their alumni network in a strategic way. So I have to wonder if that same opportunity is possible for retired or semi-retired lawyers? The value to both firm culture and to the bottom line being distinct possibilities.

Anyone else care to take a stab? Other potential roles?

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