Walter Owen Book Prize

The English language Walter Owen Book Prize is awarded every other year by the Foundation for Legal Research to the author(s) of a book which “represents an outstanding new contribution to Canadian legal literature and which enhances the quality of legal research in Canada.” For those who might have missed it, the 2007 prize was awarded at the CBA in Calgary this past weekend. This year the judges’ panel split the prize between John Swan for his new Contracts text, published by Butterworths, and Ari Kaplan for his book on Pension Law which is published in the Irwin Law Essentials of Canadian Law series.

The award carries with it a purse of $10,000, not quite in league with the Giller prize but not too shabby, nonetheless. Congratulations to Both Ari and John.


  1. I haven’t yet looked at (or needed to look at) Ari Kaplan’s text. I can highly recommend John’s book. (Come to think of it, I did.)

  2. First post Mr. Miller? Congratulations, and I must say, it’s wonderful see you blogging on top of your very insightful commenting here at Slaw. You have lots of fans in the crowd. :-)

  3. As I mentioned to you, Jeff, in my email, I’ve just listened to lavish praise for Ari Kaplan’s book, which suggests that the Walter Owen judges know what they’re doing.


  4. Congratulations to John. Wonderful work of scholarship.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Simon F — I had good influences, including one Prof. Simon Fodden who taught me family law at Osgoode in 1995-6!