New Article on Limitations Law by David Cheifetz

I see that SLAW contributor David Cheifetz has an interesting article in the most recent edition (2007, 33 Ad.v Q. at 46) of The Advocates’ Quarterly called “For Whom The Bell Tolled: An Examination Of Some Consequences Of HSBC Securities v. Davies, Ward & Beck And The Repeal of The Ontario Negligence Act, s. 8.” Looks interesting. Now if only Canada Law Book would create a digital version of that journal (and of the Canadian Business Law Journal), I wouldn’t need to walk down to our library and hunt for the print copy (it wasn’t on the shelf . . . .).


  1. Well … you’re right about that, but CLB hasn’t for whatever reason for both journals.

    So, failing that, you could ask the author for an off-print. I’m sure he’ll be dying to give them away.

    Oh, right. It’ll be in the mail as soon as I get my copies.

    I won’t even make it a requirement that you tell me whether it’s still interesting after you’ve finished.

  2. I should have added – it’s not really about limitations law, even though the problem discussed is triggered by a limitation period issue.

  3. I would also like to read the article, however my firm library has not received our copy yet.

    Ted, I am very curious … in the interests of CURRENT current awareness, how did you discover this article?