Bacn Versus Spam

The Toronto Star had a nice story a few days ago available here on the new term “bacn” (spelled without the “o”) which describes email you want but not necessarily right now (how full are your folders in your RSS reader?).

The term is heavily mentioned when searching on it in Google Blog Search.


  1. LOL! Some of the new media folks came up with it at Podcamp Pittsburgh. They immediately started using it on Twitter and then it spread like wild-fire through the media.

    See the PSA video:

    The website (get the T-shirt!):

    The Twitter feed:

    Hilarious! It’s been fun watching a catch-phrase from its inception.

  2. This is what I was looking for– how it all got started:

    Incidentally, Tommy Vallier is a Canadian, based out of Kingston, a community builder for TalkShoe.