Movies and the Law

This morning I went to the College Park box office for the Toronto International Film Festival to pick up my 25 tickets for my daypass to the festival this year. Saw a lineup of over 300 people snaking outside the building and almost gave up. Fortunately, there was a separate line inside (with no lineup) for people like me merely picking up their packages. I got 25 out of 25 of my film selections; my wife only got 21 of 25.

On movies and their connection to law: if you Google “law-related movies”, I am the first hit! Well, actually it is a site I authored on law-related movies when I was at the Bora Laskin Library and they have appeared to have not taken it down (there never was a link to the site on their site; it was a site I used to supplement my legal research course when I was teaching there). The home page is Law-Related Movies. The site has not been updated for 3 years but most of the links work and many of the law-related movies I included are timeless. There is an A to Z list, along with listings by substantive law subject, comedies, court martial movies, courtroom dramas, documentaries, inspirational lawyer movies, prison-related movies, and my top 10 favourites. Check it out.

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