WestlaweCarswell ICLL Subject Page Redirect

Hello Folks

I just wanted to let everyone know about an interesting phenomenon
occurring on WestlaweCarswell over the past couple of days.

In preparing our “Researching an Essay” session for law students,
my colleague Cathy and I noticed yesterday that when using
the ICLL interface, there is some trouble with the Table of Subject Headings.

This Table actually exists on one of Westlaw’s outside webpages
(not password protected.)

Yesterday, when I tried to search this Table of Subject Headings
page or to click on any of the alphabet along the top of the page,
I was given a “Page Not Found” error.

This morning, Cathy was working on the same page, but now
when searching or clicking from this page, she was being redirected
to a completely different site.

A close look at this site http://www.westlawecarswelluat.com
reveals that it is a fake website.

I’ve alerted WestlaweCarswell and their folks are trying to clean this up asap.


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