Monday’s Firsts

A miscellaneous grab-bag, today, which happens to be both the first of October and the first Monday of October, 2007.

As I type this, it has the potential to be today’s first post. I’ll be optimistic and type that it is today’s first Slaw post. (I haven’t checked comments but there also aren’t any, yet, in my feed.)

Over on the to-be-bookmarked LLRX.COM, Sabrina I. Pacifici has uploaded Competitive Intelligence – A Selective Resource Guide which is described (on my feed) as a 

revised and updated pathfinder focuses on leveraging selected reliable, focused, free and low cost sites and sources to effectively profile and monitor companies, markets, countries, people, and issues. This guide is a “best of list” of web and database products, services and tools, as well links to reliable sources produced by governments, academia, NGOs, the media and various publishers.’s Legal Technology section has a review comparing Outlook 2007 to older flavours of Outlook. The summary I’ve received by feed is: 

The new Outlook 2007 has been improved with a “Ribbon” interface, an “instant search” mechanism, a new To-Do bar and more. Consultant Brett Burney journeys through the new Outlook and finds compelling reasons for lawyers and law firms to upgrade.

Walking to dinner last Saturday, I passed a sidewalk vendor of used books. He had a copy of Christopher Fry’s play, The Dark Is Light Enough, which I’d long planned to read but never got around to. So I bought it. It’s not about beer. 

That’s enough for now. Good reading.

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