Legal OnRamp: FaceBook for Law Firms and in-House Counsel?

I was surprised to learn that a number of colleagues from other firms had not heard of Legal OnRamp and that it does not appear to have yet been mentioned on SLAW. The idea behind the site is that law firms and in-house counsel can register for free as a means of “online networking”. The condition for law firms to register is that they must contribute substantive content on one or more legal topics in their area of expertise and introduce a client to the service.

The idea is that in-house counsel would have an online source of expertise when deciding to retain outside counsel, etc.

See an August 2007 article from the ABA Journal on Legal OnRamp. Adam Smith, Esq. appears to have written on this product as early as April 2007.

To my knowledge, one major Canadian law firm has “registered” on this site.

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