Social Bookmarking – ConnectBeam, Vivisimo

In a recent post, I raised the (common) issue of the desire to allow users to tag, rate or bookmark internal or external sites or documents with the challenge being that most current document management systems (DMS) do not easily allow this to happen.

While looking for something else, I came across an August 12, 2007, post from LawyerKM discussing ConnectBeam, an enterprise social bookmarking and tagging system that works behind the firewall. Searching on a keyword brings up a list of all items tagged with that word. There is also a bit of an expertise locator that allows you to see which users have self-identified themselves as experts by the number and type of documents they have tagged. Not clear how the product would integrate with DMS’s and its ability to recognize the security placed on private documents. A comment by the company on the LawyerKM post above states they are looking for law firm customers.

I took the 8 minute online tour and liked the product.

On a similar topic, Douglas Cornelius of KM Space described yesterday his postive experience in demo’ing Vivisimo’s enterprise social search engine called Velocity 6.0 that allows users to tag and rate content.


  1. Hello Ted:
    Thank you for the post.
    I would like to point out couple of items…
    Just about any kind of content is now being accessed through the Web browser. DMS repositories are being accessed via Web interfaces. As long as you can view content through your Web browser – you can bookmark it.
    W.r.t. Vivisimo, I should mention, their social bookmarking feature allows you to only bookmark content from and within Vivisimo. This is a very limited use of social bookmarking and naturally limits the value derived from it tremendously.