McInnes Cooper’s YouTube Effort Makes ATL

It’s not often we Canadians get some play on the US legal gossip queen Above the Law, so let’s congratulate McInnes Cooper’s student recruiting video for making the grade.

Law firms are in tough when it comes to online video. The quality standard expected by the average user is that of the nightly news. And the inevitable re-hash of unoriginal legal imagery is a huge block in the road – someone is *always* going to critique your choices.

So isn’t it great to see McInnes Cooper bring this out? A mix of fun & facts, and a shot of the firm’s hockey team. What more could you ask for? Ok a theme song, but let’s not get greedy… :-)


  1. The comments on the ATL post are amazingly clueless, especially the bright spark attending a Toronto law school who’d never heard of McInnes Cooper. You know that little patch of land east of Jarvis? It’s called the rest of Canada. Look into it.

  2. And each of them destined for a $1,000/hr salary.

  3. McInnes Cooper – Ha Ha Ha. Touch of the plonker about
    this crowd; Stewart McKelvey runs them ragged.