Campaign for New Titles Feeds From UK Legal Publishers

Following my jubilant post on Thanksgiving about all major English Canadian legal publishers now having new title RSS feeds, in her recent post Why Can’t We Be More Like Canada? UK librarian lo-fi librarian bemoaned that UK publishers are behind and have not equally taken up the call.

In response, legal publishing consultant Nick Holmes has now put together his own sample RSS feeds for Sweet & Maxwell and Jordans in an effort to urge the publishers on. He discussed the effort on his blog Binary Law in the blog post Feeding the five thousand (2) . lo-fi seems pleased although she warns it is only a temporary measure.

As always, we are excited that Canadian efforts are inspiring those in other parts of the world to effect some useful change. Canadian publishers should be proud they are leaders in this regard.


  1. What’s that old saying about the squeaky wheel? :-)

    Hopefully UK publishers will listen the way Canadian publishers have.