Manitoba Provincial Courts to Start Broadcasting Soon?

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that Manitoba’s chief provincial court judge wants to allow live broadcasts of court decisions.

In an article entitled Live broadcasts urged for courtroom decisions, the daily writes that Ray Wyant, a former journalist and the current chief provincial court judge “is planning on meeting with every provincial court judge in the near future to discuss his proposal further and will likely table a policy that will give each judge the discretion to allow audio and possibly videotaping of court cases”.

Wyant originally wanted to start allowing live coverage next week of his sentencing verdict in a deadly driving case against a former police officer. But he backed down when lawyers involved in the case as well as other provincial court judges objected.

According to the article:

“Judges often complain that media coverage of cases is unfair because the public doesn’t always get the full reasons for their controversial decisions because of time and space restrictions”.

“Wyant told the Free Press he believes allowing people to hear exactly why verdicts and sentences are handed down can only help restore public confidence”.

“The Free Press has been posting complete written decisions handed down by judges on its website for several months. Wyant said allowing for audio and perhaps video feeds would be another valuable tool”.

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  1. The judge is wise: allowing broadcast of court scenarios allows no room for the media to ‘lean’ their observation/opinion of the verdict, etc. The viewers will get the exact result of the court scene; the media will lose its power to persuade.
    I say, YAY to Judge Ray Wyant!!!!