Jurisdictional Details

I’ll tie this to the privacy, law enforcement, and copyright disputes grab bag topic cluster to justify linking to these recent cool developments of the “geographic web”:

3D WorldViewer Everyscape Launches

Everyscape is a new service that takes 2D photos and 3D-fies them to create an immersive street-side experience

EveryScape Takes Streetview Indoors

On the face of it, their service is exactly the same as Google Streetview. EveryScape has driven around each of the cities creating full 360 degree panoramas. However, there’s one key twist — anyone can contribute. Contributions will help them go beyond other services and capture indoors scenes as well.

Live Labs is on the Map

Both the 3D and Bird’s Eye views in maps.live.com provide unique and valuable ways to look at the world, providing far more detail and more useful information than straight down aerial views alone can.


  1. Google’s competitors when it comes to mapping technology are sprouting at present. There is also MapJack.com which online service is quite similar to that of Everyscape and Google’s street-view.