New Humanities Research Network


The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is pleased to announce the creation of the Humanities Research Network (HRN). HRN will provide a world-wide, online community for research in all areas of Humanities, following the model of the other subject matter networks within SSRN (

We expect HRN to become a comprehensive online resource for research in humanities, providing scholars with access to current work in their field and facilitating research and scholarship.

At the outset HRN will have networks for classics, English & American literature, and philosophy. Naturally, in each of these subnets there’s a place for law:

The full HRN taxonomy can be browsed here.

Two cavils about this: 1). There are no RSS feeds associated with these resources, or at least none that I could easily find, which strikes me as wrong when you’re starting up a new network. 2). I do hope someone from SSRN had the good grace to talk to the people at the Humanities Research Network (HRN) that has emanated online from New Zealand for the last three years to let them know that the big boys the with the same name were about to swamp them.

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