Monday’s Back

Life’s demands, both work-related and personal, interfered with the essential obligations of this Slawyer last week. Some of those demands have passed, so I’m back.

One of my difficulties, last Monday, was that Monday was moving day. I was supposed to be in Australia all of this month. I’m not. Part of the preparation for that visit was moving out of my condominium. That much went ahead. One of the consequences is that I’m temporarily between fixed abodes. I’m baby-sitting a friend’s home for the next month. One of the consequences of being between fixed abodes is that I’ve switched to Rogers (TM) wireless internet service. The modem is cellular. As Rogers says, you plug it in, you attach your computer and, assuming the Rogers’ network is accessible, you’re online. It’s not as fast as cabled high-speed but it’s more than fast enough for the basics of web communication.

Another consequence is that most of my books are in storage. I sent everything except a few essential work-related essentials – Klar’s Tort Law; Linden’s Canadian Tort Law; Swan’s Canadian Contract Law; Birks’ Unjust Enrichment, Hart & Honore’s Causation In The Law; the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure; an Oxford Concise English Dictionary; Cheifetz on … ok, we’ll forget the last one – are all essentials, right? Of course, I have much more ranging across whatever fields that interested me at the time: from fiction to non-fiction. The books weren’t always in any form of meaning subject order on my shelves- especially after my last move some 4 years ago – but I always had a good idea of where what I needed should be. I won’t have that familiar library for the time being. I’ll have to use the web. Or real libraries. Stay tuned.

Of course, sending me to a library is hardly punishment. There’s a rumour with some substance that I know my way around a library. That’s part of the reason why I ducked big firms – assuming they’d have had me at all – when I started in the profession. One thing the successful big firm has to be good at is identifying useful skills in its gaggle of young associates. I’d have been chained to a library desk. I don’t do good “chain”. It’s part of whatever it is in the legal psyche that helps to make the barrister different from the solicitor.


One thing that’s immediately obvious is that any system update that requires a large amount of downloading will get done overnight. The difference in download speed is large enough that what was a few moments of time under a cabled high speed connection is more than a few moments under the wireless connection. It’s quite obvious on my Vista-based Lenovo laptop which hadn’t been updated for at least two weeks. The “ThinkVantage System Update” is almost 170 MB.


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