Docstoc – YouTube for (Law-Related) Documents . . .

I couldn’t resist immediately checking out docstoc when I received Robert Ambrogi’s post on the topic just now. The site, as mentioned, is like a “YouTube” for “professional” documents, including legal documents. I remain skeptical, but who knows?


  1. The docs are done in FlashPaper, a pretty nifty Macromedia (i.e. Adobe) product that makes, well, Flash PDF’s sort of. I confess I thought from your description there’d be videos of lawyers explaining their documents (ugh!). Speaking of videos, here’s one about how FlashPaper works.

  2. Wow! Another palace of copyright infringement! But this time for legal documents… I am so glad you brought me to a place where there is a (high quality scanned) copy of an article I was cited in and for which the editor wanted 3500$ for an electronic copy to be put on my blog!