Khadr’s Counsel Is Times’ “Lawyer of the Week”

William Kuebler is featured as the Times Online’s Lawyer of the Week. The U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander says of the situation facing his client, Canadian Omar Khadr, the first child ever to be prosecuted for war crimes:

[It is] a system where the deck is stacked heavily against him. The rules can change from day to day and, under the view of the Government of the United States, even if acquitted, our client could be detained indefinitely as an enemy combatant. We have to avoid enabling an illegitimate process and to keep our sights focused on creating the circumstances for a political resolution of the case, similar to that achieved for the British detainees and Rebecca’s former client, Australian David Hicks.

It’s a short article that, for me, demonstrates something of the best and the worst of law as she is practiced south of the border, and the curious way in which they can co-exist.

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