Zoho Show 2.0


The impressive provider of online apps, Zoho, is coming out this weekend with an updated version of its presentation software, Zoho Show 2.0. (Sounds appropriately seasonal, doesn’t it: zoho show two oh, ho ho?). If you’re looking for an alternative to heavy and costly PowerPoint, this might be it, particularly as your presentation is going to live on someone else’s server and be there (more than likely) when you’re fumbling around for the memory stick that has your deck on it.

Its features are listed on the Zoho blog, and there’s a video to talk you through them. Two things that interest me are the ability to embed the presentation in a web page and the ability to give remote presentations and remain in control of the presentation. (Not sure if these are new features.)

Early reviews are good. Read/WriteWeb says:

Overall, Zoho Show 2.0 is slick and compares well with Powerpoint; and has added collaboration features. Plus, not for the first time, it’s one-upped Google – whose online presentations software is basic by comparison.

And ZDNet notes laconically: “With Show 2.0 Zoho is working to stay ahead of Google. So far so good.”

We’ve blogged about Zoho before on Slaw:

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