Legal Information on a Blanket

The CBC is reporting on an innovation by the Pivot Legal Society and Mountain Equipment Co-op to provide warmth and rights information to Vancouver’s Homeless.

The high-tech Blanket, co-designed and produced by Mountain Equipment Coop, is designed for homeless people, made of waterproof dernier nylon and features a printed list of people’s rights in relation to housing, security guards, police and welfare.

Blogger David Eby, a lawyer with Pivot, hopes the blanket campaign will raise awareness about the homeless situation in Vancouver, where there are only 700 shelter spaces available for the estimated 2,300 people who live on the streets.

“The blankets are there to keep homeless warm and dry, but they also raise public awareness,” Eby told

“It’s a reminder of the political side of homelessness and the fact that governments could solve the problem if they wanted to.”

Pivot is asking for public donations so that they can distribute even more blankets. It is already taking orders from the general public for the next batch. Interested people can provide a Rights Blanket to a homeless person for $50.00. People who wish to donate a Rights Blanket can place an order online or call Pivot at (604) 255-9700.

Rights Blanket


  1. Heavens! If you start informing people of their rights, won’t they at some point be tempted to try to exercise them? Gasp!

  2. Great idea and thoughtful of a company to do this when my life fell apart and I became almost homeless home cars and most everything else gone years of starving no human contact old worn out clothes no razors then soap etc you get very thin and very desevelled and even minor mental illness starts and most doctors and organizations wont help you cause your a white man single and they think everyone is on crack and wont help so the people who are suppose to help really dont.

    you are trying and I think its great I am no where near on my feet yet but alive