For Those Who Like the Printed Word

If you are “old school” like me, you may still enjoy picking up an old fashioned book from time to time, instead of staring at your computer screen. A non-legal BLOG that I follow reminded me of the self-publishing options that are available and singled out

I did some quick cost calculations on various book formats – the prices seem very reasonable.


  1. It might be interesting, Elizabeth, to gather some pieces from Slaw and publish them in hard copy (as well as PDF, of course). It’d be kind of amusing to swim upstream in the tech-flow.

  2. Its a really nice work these people are doing. For all those who are inspirational and creative ideas about the world or just themselves, but are not too resourceful to find a publisher, this agency just fills that gap and allows more people to spread their word.
    A nice discovery and update, Elizabeth.