Environmental Maps

This UN Environmental Program website links into the Maps and Graphics Library, and also into numerous other environment-related activities, reports, and other stuff. A highlight of the Library is Globalis, “An interactive world atlas with country statistics related to sustainable development.” Some maps detail specific problems, such as this one of Radioactive Waste in Taboshar, or the increased water levels in the Liard River:



  1. Jeong Chun phuoc

    \Globalis to include observation on Singapore and Malaysia\

    I note that it doesn’t really cover Malaysia and Singapore landscapes.

    The coverage would be crucial particularly so in the light of environmental impact implication as a result of rapid ‘industrial revolution’ which is currently being implemented in those jurisdictions.

    The data would be instrumental in effecting true sustainable policy consideration specifically in the preparation of the 10th Malaysian Plan for Malaysia.

    Jeong Chun phuoc

  2. Jeong Chun phuoc

    “Environmental Strategic Development calls for a Co-ordinated Environmental Policy Approach between Malaysia and Singapore”

    Apart from improved environmental data collection and related observation via Globalis, it is hoped that both Malaysia and Singapore could actually agree on the issue of real ‘sustainable development’ within the environmental sustainability framework between the two countries.

    The expected win-win result would see an increase in the collection of rain water for both Singapore and Malaysia and clear demarcation of territorial jurisdictions for both countries.

    Such joint co-ordination will help enhance strategic environmental management of the surrounding eco-systems for joint prosperity between Singapore and Malaysia within ASEAN landscape.

    Jeong Chun phuoc