Law Courses on iTunes U

One of the richest sources of podcasts is the iTunes Store and particularly its iTunes U, where universities can make their audio and video materials available generally. ((The user guide is available in PDF format here.)) Yale is here, MIT, Stanford and a couple of dozen more — and from Canada there’s Concordia and Queen’s, with at least York to follow, I believe. Until recently this was great for a history lesson or that shot of engineering you found yourself craving after a hard day in court. But now New York Law School is on the board. There are more than a dozen topics, most with more than one lecture in the folder: there are three on legal education, for example, eight on civil liberties, three in business law. I’m downloading the movie of a lecture on The Shape Shifting Subject Matter of U.S. Patent Law, by John Squires and Thomas Biemer. Sounds about right for popcorn, no?

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