Signal to Noise?

It’s Family Day in Ontari-ari-o, and reading week in at least some of the faculties in some of the universities, so I’m sure that explains the lack of traffic or the decrease in the denominator in the signal to noise ratio. Or both. So, there’s room for me to add some noise.

For the geeks among us (or within us), you know that Vista SP1 is around the corner for the common folk. The tech gurus have been playing for some time. In that vein, here’s something from ZDNet

Vista SP1 vs. XP SP2 – Benchmarked

Looking at the data thereʼs only one conclusion that can be drawn – Windows XP SP2 is faster than Windows Vista SP1. End of story. Out of the fifteen tests carried out, XP SP2 beat Vista SP1 in eleven, Vista SP1 beat XP SP2 in two of the tests, and two of the tests resulted in a draw.

On the less geeky front, some of the librarian (types) here are probably on this mailing list for something from the US called the Law Librarian NewszDigest (ugh) from which I first saw recently last week. It suddenly appeared in my mail box. I’m sure I didn’t subscribe. I don’t recall it being mentioned, here, in my time. The masthead shows Vol. 1, No. 289 so I’m assuming that means the service has been up and running since early 2007. It seems to be an aggregator. I’m guessing, from the site, that it’s an attempt to get me to sign up since the list of newsletters on the site are all subscription.


  1. PinHawk aggregates content from electronic sources and delivers the content through daily emails, web alerts, and RSS feeds. Its services are used by hundreds of law firms every day.

    PinHawk publishes a daily email for law librarians featuring news of interest to library professionals.

    The newsletter is described in this press release:

    To receive a complimentary subscription to Law Librarian NewzDigest, email with contact information. For more information about PinHawk, see newsletter samples, or receive a complimentary two week trial to PinHawk daily emails, go to

  2. Yeah, well, as I said. It’s PinHawk trolling for customers. I didn’t ask to subscribe. And I didn’t ask for a complimentary two-week, or any other duration,of a trial. I didn’t visit the PinHawk site until after the newsletter showed up in my mailbox. And, I’m not a law librian (kudos to you folk who are.)

    And, last I checked my texts on logic, they only thing that is validly established by the fact that Pinhawk’s “services are used by hundreds of law firms every day” is that Pinhawk’s “services are used by hundreds of law firms every day.”

  3. Or a law librarian, either. :-) (So the motorist declared)

  4. Hmmm…I hadn’t heard about it, so thanks for the tip! Let’s hope it doesn’t become *too* spammy in trolling for new business. There is a fine line between looking for clients and becoming annoying. Sounds like they took a bit of liberty with your in-box, David, sending the newsletter to you unsolicited.