Kennedy’s Trends in Legal Tech

Dennis Kennedy has done his 2008 column for LLRX on legal tech. There aren’t a lot of surprises in “Eight Legal Technology Trends for 2008 – Good Times, Bad Times or Hard Times in Legal Tech?” with the exception, perhaps, of his view that e-discovery has failed to conquer; but there are a lot of wise words. Here are the subheads:

  1. Smart Ways to Work Together – Collaboration Tools.
  2. Dancing with a Recession.
  3. Opening Audio and Video Channels.
  4. Going Mobile.
  5. The Death Throes for Email?
  6. Security Begins to Matter . . . Really.
  7. Lawyers Win Round 1 in the E-discovery Battle . . . by a Wide Margin.
  8. Making Better Use of What You Already Own.

Let us know what you think of Dennis’s analysis. Will things be different in Canada when the recession hits here?

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