CBC News: February 29th

Must be the day. 

 Massive B.C. cockfighting raid sparks 13-hour cull 


Cockfighting raid shocks mayor of Surrey, B.C

“I know that it’s happened in other parts of the world where this sort of activity takes place, but this is certainly the first for me,” Watts said.

Was there some reason to assume it wasn’t? Were there rumours she was associating with a certain (currently suspended) NFL player? Dating a member of the BC legislature or Parliament?

The US goes to the dogs. Canada? We go to the …. chickens.



  1. Well, and the Globe and Mail is now in a controversy over their chicken billboard ad (have you seen it?). When I saw it, I wondered, “Why would the Globe and Mail want to associate themselves with a chicken?”.

    Forget the loon or the Canada goose–chickens are our new national bird.

  2. Adding to the silliness, scientists have determined that the remaining living descendant of T-Rex (not Mark Bolan) is the chicken. I’m sure that impressed the Drumheller folk.

  3. Connie,

    And the York U agency probably based its campaign on a version of the standard “how to hunt an elephant” joke

    You can find one iteration here, on a university site, of course.