Scrabble: Playin’ It Old School for Literacy

While Scrabulous is still dealing with various legal and copyright issues and two game companies are rumoured to be creating legitimate online versions of the game, one can easily forget about the joys of playing this board game for real. Yes, with real live people, pen and scorepad (and calculator for us mathematically-challenged), an agreed upon dictionary, and a few hours to kill, you too can spell your way to fun! But why not take it one step further and participate in Frontier College’s Scrabble Night in Canada:

The SCRABBLE® Friends and Family Challenge is a SCRABBLE® event that raises money for literacy. During the month of March, SCRABBLE® enthusiasts across Canada invite friends and family to their homes, challenge each other to a friendly game of SCRABBLE® and ask them to make a donation to Frontier College, Canada’s literacy organization.

Happy Scrabbling, one and all!

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