Now We’re in Trouble!

Legal blog watch notes the continued use of footnotes in blogs by *some* lawyers.

And guess what? We have the footnote blog plugin enabled here on Slaw! Now, it’s mainly used by the senior members (and by senior, I mean those members way more knowledgeable, experienced, pleasant & nicer looking than myself. [Enough sucking up? – nah, this is Simon & Simon we’re talking about here. They’re nice guys! ] But this could have been footnoted, couldn’t it? oh, but I digress… ).

Ok, Fess up!! Who actually uses that footnote feature! We are in so much trouble…


  1. I think that for some types of blogs footnoting would be appropriate. Take The Court, for example. I see it as a lightning-speed law journal, so footnoting is useful/necessary.

    Wendy Reynolds

  2. I confess that I use it more as counterpoint, than authority. And I think footnotes are often a place for the subtler jokes.