Visiting Cornell

I’m on a two-week trip to Cornell Law Library courtesy of the New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO). I’m here to check out how they do their work, to learn a little about US law and collections, and to smuggle the ideas back across the border. Just to prove that I’m actually here, and not pulling your collective leg, here are a few snaps:


That’s the law school in the background. Here’s a better shot of the main building, Myron Taylor Hall:


and here’s one of a student at work in the Gould Reading Room:

I’ve got a busy schedule ahead, but I thought I would post on the interesting stuff I find that would fit Slaw’s profile. I’m planning a meeting with Tom Bruce of the LII, for instance.

Interestingly, I’ll have to post from the Reading Room, since it is one of the few places in the building that is wireless-enabled. The Faculty here does not agree that students should be surfing in class. I can’t resist one more photo, this of the incrdeble I.M. Pei designed Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. As shocking as it looks from the outside, the interior spaces are just beautiful.


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