ultraportable.jpgTired, aching shoulders? Thumbs the size of zucchinis? You may need to ditch the laptop and the BlackBerry you’re using and plump for an ultraportable computer instead. Weighing in at something like 2 pounds, an ultraportable won’t do everything for you, perhaps, but a near full-size keyboard and a couple of hours of battery life should get you through most of life’s “got-to-write” situations with a whole lot less… well, a whole lot less. Simply.

Here’s a site with nearly two dozen of these submicros to choose from, some fresh on the market, others yet to come. And though I’m a Mac fanboy, I have to point out that they run a whole lot cheaper than the lovely MacBook Air. Some of them even manage to be not ugly, and they’re certainly narrower, if not thinner, than the Air.

[via Boing Boing]


  1. But it is a trade off. No shoulder ache, but close quarters on finger room for typing.

    I wish the happy medium genre, around 14 in. of screen space, would take off.