New Sources for US Law

The Tuscaloosa News yesterday had a pot-pouri of useful information under the heading Lawyers Open Their File Cabinets for a Web Resource, focussing on JDSupra, a database for contributed legal documents and PreCYdent.

The San Diego Business Journal describes this under the headline PreCYdent Legal Research Web Site Takes on LexisNexis, Westlaw. The product was built in San Diego and Milan, and offers a free and quite robust interface to U.S. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals cases.

It describes its content as:

US Supreme Court: complete with official US citation and pagination since 1759

Federal Reporter 2nd edition: complete with official citation and pagination from 1950

Federal Reporter 3rd edition: complete with official citation and pagination until August 2006

All Federal Circuit Court of Appeals: all the opinions, published and not published, (but not the official reporter) released by the Federal Circuit Courts from august 2006 until today, constantly updated every 3 hours.


  1. Simon, I’m sure you’ll find that article was syndicated from this source. With a much nicer picture. :)

  2. Always slightly behind The Times