Top 10 BlackBerry Applications

This is for all the “CrackBerrys” out there: Today’s Globe and Mail has a list of the top ten downloadable applications for your BlackBerrys. The most popular ones include Google Maps, Facebook, Google Search and Sudoku Classic.


  1. Anyone have a great source they trust for other BB apps? I’m debating whether to wait for the iphone or get a BB.

  2. Steven – Wait for the iphone. I have the ipod Touch and its amazing. The iphone can do so much more than the Touch so I can’t wait to get it (and both the Touch and the iphone have great apps). Or you don’t even have to wait: buy an iphone (some stores in Toronto have been selling them), unlock it and put a Rogers SIM card in it.
    Good article on the iphone:

  3. Apple provides a list of web apps for its iphone and ipod Touch:

  4. For the moment, there are way more apps for BB than for the iPhone since Apple just openned its code to developers. I am a PINstacker and this is where I get all my BB related news and free apps.

    Putting the obvious conflict of interest aside, I must say that I am a Crackberry and would never (read my lips) move to the iPhone. It is more a toy than a business solution and I feel they have put more money on the design than on the OS and apps.

    Here is what pros have to say:
    TechCrunch: iPhone v. BlackBerry: Side By Side, Two Week Comparison
    And an interesting report

    Oh, Agnese, when you get your iPhone, send me an email… (You will understand when you try it!) ;-)

  5. Dominic: Very interesting! I’ll definitely let you know when I get my iPhone.