Faculty of Information

The Dean at the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto has announced an exciting development (exciting to me as an alumni): Effective June 30, 2008, their new name will be the Faculty of Information. I assume Dean Cantwell Smith will not mind me quoting part of his announcement:

While superficially minor (deletion of the single word “Studies”), we view this as a significant and exciting development. As we enter a period of leadership change, with Jens-Erik Mai serving as Acting Dean from July 1 through Dec 31 of 2008, and Seamus Ross arriving as new Dean on January 1, 2009, the Faculty is poised for a new period of excellence and growth, which will be reflected in the new name.

Informally, we expect the Faculty to be known simply as the “i-school”, or as “Information” (not as ‘FI’ or any other acronym). Like our colleagues in “Law”, “Medicine”, etc., we will be named for the subject matter we study, not for the study of that subject matter. We also hope that the new name will communicate the mission of the Faculty more clearly and directly.

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