Flash to Be Searchable

Adobe is talking to Google and Yahoo. The plan is to make sites that use Adobe Flash searchable, because now search engines slip off the face of Flash sites as if they were glass. The Adobe press announcement doesn’t add much of substance to this declaration (but does use the wretched phrase “going forward.”) Google, on the other hand, announces that it has already launched its Flash indexing algorithm and that web designers should expect better results with respect to their Flash sites.

I don’t have a Flash-based site in mind that I can use to check the situation — if you can come up with one, let us know by way of a comment.

This is, of course, a Good Thing. Searchability is always a good thing. Whether this will launch a flood of needlessly Flash-y sites, I can’t say.


  1. Ugh! The only thing worse that “going forward” is “on a going-forward basis”!

  2. Oops, worse than.

  3. Can there ever be too many tangents? The discussion of “going forward” reminded me of the old Smothers Brothers song in which we learned that “crabs walk sideways and lobsters walk straight”. I couldn’t find a Smothers Brothers performance of “Herman and Sally” on YouTube, but there is performance by compcarp and brother.