The Top 100 Law and Lawyer Blogs

From an American Association of Law Libraries Private Law Librarians listserv posting: The Criminal Justice Degrees Guide has a list of The Top 100 Law and Lawyers Blogs which provides a useful summary of the usual candidates with a few new ones I did not recognize (and they are not all focused on criminal justice).

No, SLAW did not make their list but I will attribute that to the American focus of that site. However, included in the list is Coleslaw. Hhmm. A competitor? Likely not, Coleslaw is clearly named after the diced cabbage side dish with entries (entrees?) comprising humorous postings by a law student, good for a few chuckles.


  1. How about slaw throws together a similar list of Canadian legal blogs?

  2. The question would be who *wouldn’t* make our list? I think has about 120 in total. :)