Are You on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, the social networking site sometimes known as “Facebook for professionals”, continues to grow more than a year after Steve Matthews wrote about it. There are now over 20 million members.

The folks at LinkedIn recently commissioned the experts of clear explanations, Common Craft, to explain how to leverage LinkedIn in our professional lives. The result is this video:

For more ideas on how LinkedIn is used by various groups, there are additional customer success story videos on the Official LinkedIn Channel on YouTube. This is the Mergers & Acquisitions video:

No Law video yet. For an example of a lawyer profile, see Dominic Jaar’s. My profile is here.


  1. Also worth adding is the recent ramp-up of lawyers on LinkedIn. Noting that back in April LinkedIn was at 118k lawyers, that number as of today is showing 309k.

  2. Thanks for the update! I wasn’t sure how you found the number. That is quite a few.

  3. I’ve been playing around with the “Answers” area, and I’ve been really impressed with the quality and quantity of answers I’ve received. LinkedIn seems to be maturing into a useful tool, instead of a “grownup” substitute for Facebook.

  4. I use it mainly to find knowledgeable people about a particular topic and to look for speakers for the conferences I organise (ABA Techshow and LegalIT). I also like their Outlook add-in with the “Grab” button which enable you to select the signature on email you receive and load all the details in your Outlook contacts list.

    However, I wish I could use it as a central database for the following purposes (between brackets is the software I use):
    – Contacts list, stay up-to-date on what’s up with my contacts, share information with contacts and the world, (Plaxo)
    – CV (ClaimID) However, I am about to merge these infos into Plaxo which really is the most frequently upgraded platform out there and offer the most for your bucks (Free)!