Virtual Law Partners

vlp.pngLast year in May Steve Matthews mooted the idea of a virtual law firm and sparked interesting comments, a couple from folks who were in such practices. Now big hitter Craig Johnson has teamed up with some others to make a big splash with their Virtual Law Partners, based in San Francisco. From the bouncy (but effective) website, it seems that they’re aiming at individuals, families and perhaps small businesses. has a piece on the startup, which will fill you in on the fees, the predictions, etc. — but not on who else is doing the virtual practice thing. For that you’ll have to go to Slaw, and the comments on Steve’s post.


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    Hi Simon. Thanks for your mention of our firm, Virtual Law Partners LLP (“VLP”). FYI, our partners’ practices primarily focus on corporations. We represent companies at all levels:
    -Start-up and early-stage companies: VLP often acts as an out-sourced General Counsel
    -Later-stage, pre-IPO companies: VLP acts as corporate counsel with respect to the company’s strategic business matters as well as its day-to-day commercial and I.P. transactions, executive compensation, stock administration and general corporate matters. VLP also represents its later-stage private clients in venture financings as well as other private equity financings and prepares companies for its IPO or acquisition.
    -Public corporations, large and small, for contracts, licensing and other technology transactions, follow-on offerings, Mergers & Acquisitions; executive compensation, stock administration and general corporate matters.
    -See our website