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Why I Won’t Be Getting an iPhone

From today’s Globe and Mail:

…for $75 a month, Rogers provides 300 weekday voice minutes, 750 megabytes of data and 100 text messages. In the United States, a customer gets 450 weekday voice minutes, unlimited data and 200 text messages for the same price.

Yes, that’s “unlimited data.” No, that’s not in Canada.

See, the further north you go, the colder it gets; and colder air is heavier air; so it costs more to push signals through such weighty atmosphere. Which explains why Rogers… . . . [more]

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Powerset Bought by Microsoft

We’ve written a few times about powerset, the natural language search engine. When it brought its service public in May, there were rumours about it being purchased by one of the search giants.

Those rumours have now been proven true, with reports that Microsoft has purchased the company. We can all hope that this move will help bring more intelligent search to the broader public. . . . [more]

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The Top 100 Law and Lawyer Blogs

From an American Association of Law Libraries Private Law Librarians listserv posting: The Criminal Justice Degrees Guide has a list of The Top 100 Law and Lawyers Blogs which provides a useful summary of the usual candidates with a few new ones I did not recognize (and they are not all focused on criminal justice).

No, SLAW did not make their list but I will attribute that to the American focus of that site. However, included in the list is Coleslaw. Hhmm. A competitor? Likely not, Coleslaw is clearly named after the diced cabbage side dish with entries (entrees?) . . . [more]

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Flash to Be Searchable

Adobe is talking to Google and Yahoo. The plan is to make sites that use Adobe Flash searchable, because now search engines slip off the face of Flash sites as if they were glass. The Adobe press announcement doesn’t add much of substance to this declaration (but does use the wretched phrase “going forward.”) Google, on the other hand, announces that it has already launched its Flash indexing algorithm and that web designers should expect better results with respect to their Flash sites.

I don’t have a Flash-based site in mind that I can use to check the situation — . . . [more]

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Today’s Twitter News

Lots of chirping about social networking tool Twitter today from various quarters. A few stories I am following:

. . . [more]
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