Canadian Olympic Athletes Are Blogging

I am an Olympics fan-girl, and have been absorbing as much television coverage as possible. What I find new this Olympics are all the references by reporters to blogs written by athletes. I was a bit surprised that the athletes would be into blogging, but in a CBC interview following his Olympic competition this weekend, Kyle Shewfelt said that he likes to write and he finds writing about his day of training to be a good way to unwind and “let it all out”.

Kyle Shewfelt blog excerpt

And write he does! I had a look at his personal blog, simply called Kyle Shewfelt, which he has been writing since August 2007. It works in conjunction with his more formal website inspired by the blog (the blog is incorporated here with a funkier style sheet).

CBC also has athlete blogs as part of their Olympic site:

* Adam Kreek — Rowing
* Alexandra Orlando — Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Anna Rice — Badminton
* Christine Sinclair — Soccer
* Colin Jenkins — Triathlon
* Hugh Macdonald — Archery
* Kevin Sullivan — Athletics
* Kyle Shewfelt — Gymnastics
* Mark Heese — Beach Volleyball
* Sherraine Schalm — Fencing

Kyle Shewfelt’s contribution seems to be a selection of posts from his personal blog (or has something stopped submitting new posts to the site)?

It seems that, every which way we turn, social media is touching our lives. We can no longer assume that our clients are not using the web in their businesses just because of their industry. More and more people and businesses are using blogs, LinkedIn profiles and Facebook pages as their presence on the web.

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