Welcome Omar Ha-Redeye

I first met our new Slaw contributor Omar Ha-Redeye just over a year ago at a meeting of PR professionals when he was doing PR work in the healthcare industry. I was not previously familiar with him, but he stood out to me as one of the most approachable, charismatic people in the room. We immediately hit it off, as I am sure he hits it off with most people. He quietly told me he had applied for law school and was waiting to hear if he had been accepted. I am not at all surprised that he was! Not only has he worked in PR, but also he has a background in nuclear medicine and health administration, and he excels at speaking and writing.

Omar Ha-Redeye speaks

Omar is just about to head into second year law school at the University of Western Ontario. He is one of the founders and driving forces behind the Law is Cool blog and podcast we have previously mentioned and which won the 2007 Clawbies Award for Legal Culture. This photo shows Omar as a panelist at the Permanent Campaign event exploring the impact of technology on politics which took place in March 2008. Yes, he shared the stage with Andrew Coyne, national editor of Maclean’s magazine.

We look forward to Omar contributing as he has time between attending law school and steering the ship at Law is Cool. He’s definitely someone to watch coming up in the legal field.

Welcome to the Slaw team, Omar!



  1. Welcome to Slaw, Omar. Great burst of posts for your starting day!

  2. Thanks for the great intro Connie, and the warm welcome Simon.

    Let’s play ball.