Indian Courts on Search Engines

Indian courts have recently become involved in two issues affecting the operation of search engines in that country.

According to the Hindu Times, the Supreme Court in New Delhi has “issued notice” to various search engine companies — Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc. — on a petition claiming their violation of the Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act because of advertising on their sites promoting sex selection techniques. The companies have not yet responded to the petition. (See also the story in the Straits Times.)

In Mumbai, a local company wishes to sue a blogger who goes by the nom de blogue of “Toxic Writer” for what it alleges are defamatory comments. Because the blog is hosted on Google’s blogging site, the company has requested that Google reveal the true identity of the blogger, and the court has issued a request to that effect to Google India. It would seem from the report in the Economic Times that the court has yet to rule on whether Google may be forced to divulge the information.

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