Welcome Shaunna Mireau

Welcome to Shaunna Mireau, librarian at Field Law in Edmonton, and one of our newest core contributors. I count Shaunna as a colleague and friend who inspires me with her energy. She is actively involved in the Edmonton Law Libraries Association (ELLA), and is one of the organizers of the Head Start program, a legal research “boot camp” for law students from various firms put on by ELLA. It involves librarians, lawyers, and judges who all volunteer their time annually to provide the program each June. She contributes to the ELLA blog and is currently ELLA’s web editor. Shaunna also blogs at Shaunna Mireau on Canadian Legal Research, meant to provide students at Field Law legal research information, but which she also kindly makes available to all of us on the web. Welcome to the Slaw team, Shaunna!
Shaunna Mireau portrait


  1. Awesome! Glad to see you here, Shaunna.

  2. Finally! Looking forward to having your perspective here, Shaunna. Welcome, welcome, welcome.