Neat List of Undiscovered Websites and Tools

Courtesy of PC Magazine, here is a list of a gross of sites that has something for everyone.

Here are three snipits:

TripIt takes the hassle out of travel itineraries. Simply forward your travel confirmation e-mails to its e-mail address and TripIt will build you a master itinerary, complete with flight/hotel info, maps, driving directions, weather reports, and much more. TripIt is also rolling out automated travel guides so you know what to expect once you get there.

Want to know what’s going on in the chambers of the highest court in the land? Scotusblog is an excellent blog and its wiki-sister, ScotusWiki, offer expert and exhaustive coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court. You’ll find quickie news updates and in-depth analyses of rulings, as well as links to other Scotus coverage around the Web.

Damn Interesting
Did you know it’s quite possible that a severed head may actually feel pain for a while, post-separation? I think that’s damn interesting, and so do the editors at Damn Interesting, enough to write an 1,100-word article about it. Their goal is to “collect and dispense damn interesting facts and ideas, whether they appeared in the past, the present, or the (anticipated) future.” For example, did you know a supercollider was almost built under the plains of central Texas? Or that New York almost had a subway system based on pneumatic tubes? If you find that damn interesting, visit Damn Interesting.

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