Ontario Justice Portal

Chris Bentley, Ontario’s Attorney General announced today a new one-stop “Justice Ontario” Website And Hotline to provide access to legal information

Justice Ontario is billed as providing

An online door to the justice system including easy-to-use information on family law, criminal law, lawsuits and disputes, human rights, estate planning and tickets and fines

Easy access to legal resources such as lawyer referral services and family law information centres

Toll-free telephone access to the same information in 173 languages at 1-866-252-0104.

The Press Release states that “Improving access to justice for all Ontarians begins with better, easy-to-use legal information,” a point made by lawyers, the judiciary, legal organizations, the 2007 Osborne Civil Justice Report and the 2008 Trebilcock Legal Aid Review. It will also support a more effective use of legal resources.

A Justice Ontario Access Partnership of groups with expertise in all areas of the justice system has also been created to continually improve the website’s content and to link the site to “next
step” expertise.


  1. Looks useful. But they’re going to have to do some work with the formatting. This image is from Firefox 3 on a Mac: