25 Most Modern Libraries in the World

…at least according to a list put together by Best Colleges Online. The list is divided under the heads of Architecture, Technology and Innovation, and Digital Collections.

Not a single Canadian pick, alas. And though the bulk are U.S. libraries, of course, there’s a solid rank of choices from abroad under the architecture section, for some reason. And speaking of the architecture section, I have to say that whoever put the list together wasn’t thinking: many of the links lead to the main library sites, where (somewhat surprisingly) there are no photos of the building or the facilities. ((For much more interesting pics, see The Most Interesting Libraries in the World.)) Dumb.

Here’s a brief sampling, supplemented with graphics links where required:

Bibliothèque nationale de France (architecture) [graphics link: English video]

Halmstad Library (architecture) [graphics link: Wikimedia Commons]

Bow Idea Store (technology and innovation)

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (technology and innovation)

National Library of Australia (digital collections)

Not much new here, but there might be a nugget for a library fan or two.

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